Walker Farms is unique for it's fresh, traditionally made herbal tinctures. Walker Farms is a cut above the ordinary. Our goals at Walker Farms are to provide high quality medicines that transcend the basic dietary supplements found in the local grocery store. Walker Farms wants to eliminate the mystique that shrouds herbal medicine by providing information and promoting accessibility to herbal medicines.

All the medicinal herbs used in our tinctures are grown at Walker Farms. We do not use any chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides or herbicides. In order to provide the best medicine possible, each plant is inspected and picked at it's optimal time. When a herb is picked, a traditional token of tobacco is offered in thanks for its use as a medicine.

Walker Farms is a state approved processing center that follows the good manufacturing processing guidelines outlined by the State of Wisconsin. We maintain the strictest manufacturing standards and quality control. Each herbal extract states the weight of plant extracted and the amount of extracting liquid. Brandy, instead of grain alcohol, is used as the extraction medium to produce a tincture that is less harsh to the body. At Walker Farms, we know the environmental history of the plant, and the strength of each batch of tincture. All our tinctures are made from fresh and healthy plants. We do not use dried plants that are later reconstituted.

We are glad that you have found us. We sell wholesale and retail world wide. If you are having trouble finding an herb, please contract us. If we do not have it in stock, we can assist you in finding it. Also, please contact us directly for the wholesale price list.

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