Thank you for visiting Walker Farms, and for all your support, kindness and love over the years. Walker Farms is now closed, but our legacy lives on at the Painted Outlaw Ranch.

For all things there is a season. Twenty five years ago, Walker Farms started our journey to bring the highest quality herbal products to you and your family. With your support, our business has thrived and grown over the many seasons we have spent at the farm. We are entering a new season and are excited to transition our plants, our knowledge and our passion to the Ammon and Ali Mast family.

Since 2010, Ali has worked along side us, mentoring along side Susan. Ali will continue the legacy of Walker Farms as she brings about a brand new season of her own at the Painted Outlaw Ranch.

Although we are entering a new chapter in our journey, we love for you to stay in touch with the Walker Farms family at