Directions are on each herbal tincture and should be followed accordingly.  Shake the bottle well before each use.  In order to prevent contamination, keep the dropper free from touching anything.  If tinctures are kept in the dark (out of direct sun light) and tightly capped, the extracts can last up to several years.  Some tinctures may appear to be of a sticky substance, making the bottle difficult to open after several uses.  Running the bottle under warm water will loosen the cap for easy opening.  Other tinctures are thicker and have a slightly higher viscosity, please be sure to shake these well. 

Please pay attention to the cautions written on the labels.  If you have heart disease, major organ failure and/or are currently taking prescription drugs, do not take these products without thorough research. If symptoms persist, consult a physician and a reputable herbalist. If pregnant and nursing, be especially careful to read the labels, and if necessary consult a physician. 

How long do you take herbal tinctures?  How do you know if you've picked the right one?  Only you and your body know the correct answer.  What is your body telling you?  Please look at the herbal philosophy section on this web site for a brief introduction on how herbal medicine works. 

A quick word regarding the amount one should take.  Taking more than directed on the bottle does not mean a speedier recovery; nor does it mean the symptoms of discomfort will diminish any sooner.  A much more effective means of approach towards herbal medicine is consistency. 

Most people can tell when to stop taking a specific remedy. If you are having difficulty, please consult a good herbalist. By federal law, Walker Farms cannot diagnose nor claim to cure any diseases.  We will provide the best tinctures to help you on your way to recovery.

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