The word tradition means "the handing down of statements, beliefs, legends, and customs from generation to generation especially by word of mouth or practice."  Walker Farms' remedies are based on the formulas handed down from generation to generation in documented folklore from a variety of cultures.  These cultures, out of necessity, developed a very close relationship with their environment, and learned a great deal about the medicinal value of plants.  The approaches for acquiring this type of knowledge varied from culture to culture. For example, entire villages or tribes would become a clinical trial site when there was an outbreak of an sickness.  The formula that proved to be the most effective would then become the traditional medicine for that illness.  Some cultures watched animals in order to learn which plants to use for either illnesses or maintaining good health.  In other cultures, Medicine Men would perform a ceremony in which they would ask for help in the instruction and use of plants from their Creator.  We are able to retrieve this wonderful information and knowledge. We believe this form of medicine is gentler on the body and certainly more expansive for the mind. Walker Farms is very grateful to all the cultures for preserving and contributing the necessary information regarding these helpful plants. 

Herbal medicine require a holistic approach towards healing.  Rather than concentrating only the symptoms of a specific illness, holistic healing examines the whole picture, which includes the nature and cause of the illness, as well as symptoms.  Holistic healing works on three levels, the mind, body, and spirit.  Holistic healing also examines each individual's personal health history and considers the effects of old childhood diseases. 

When healing holistically, people often feel themselves recover in layers.  As each persons passes through these layers it is like reaching a new level of health.  It is important to make an agreement with the body, mind and spirit to get better, and take responsibility for the body.  Often times, when healing holisitically with herbal remedies, the illness must come to the surface in order to leave the body.  It is important to remember that if symptoms persist stop taking the herbal remedy, and seek the assistance of a doctor and/or good herbalist. 

A term often used in herbalism is wildcrafting, which means going out into the wild and picking the plants.  Walker Farms' philosophy regarding wildcrafting is simple.  We need to grow all the plants at Walker Farms to insure and maintain the quality of our products.  We also believe that we do not have the expertise to know when picking from the wild has participated in a plant's extinction.  Plant endangerment is a serious issue and we have chosen not to participate in any action that may endanger a plant.  

We hope this information has been helpful and that your experience with traditional medicines will be enriching. 

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